A new cryptocurrency exchange seeks to compete with the traditional banking system by providing features to help crypto investors carry out all of their activities on the platform.

The exchange, named IXFI, launched in early December 2021 and is accessible to users around the world. The company has obtained an operating license in Estonia and is expected to expand into the world soon.

The crypto industry has been touted to replace or at least partially eclipse the current financial system in the future. For now, however, investors can only allocate capital in cryptocurrencies through decentralized and centralized exchanges that provide secure markets for trading and exchanging digital assets.

In order for more people to trust crypto enough to adopt it as a banking system, there are some terms that are non-negotiable. These are safety and security, high liquidity, convenience of use and superior advantages over the current financial system. This is what IXFI is aiming for.

According to the founder and CEO of IXFI exchange, the goal of the crypto exchange platform is to make it easier for old and new crypto inventors to explore the market in a secure environment. Andrei said that IXFI will strive to unleash the true power of digital finance by creating an ecosystem where cryptocurrencies can thrive.

How will IXFI compete with traditional banks

Four of the main features of banks today are fast and easy transactions, debit and credit cards, annual interest on accounts, and storage of funds. According to the information on the official website, users will have access to the following features in the future:

Staking with higher APY

On IXFI, users can wager their tokens to earn rewards. It’s a simple and less risky way to earn more chips while keeping the funds intact. It is common knowledge that the annual percentage return (APY) of crypto is higher than the APY offered by traditional banks.

Cryptographic cards

IXFI users can order cryptographic cards which will be delivered to their physical addresses. The cards will have full functions and industry standard security protocols. Delivery and use will be subject to regional regulatory agencies and their decisions. With this card, individual users and financial institutions can send and receive money. The feature is under development and will be rolled out in 2022.

Unparalleled Transactions

On IXFI, registered users can simply transfer funds without using dedicated wallet addresses. Ut users can also store their digital funds using their own account wallets. Strong security protocols protect funds against loss.

Crypto will compete with banks

Today, the volume of cryptocurrency investments has quickly overtaken that of many other industries that have been around for centuries. Indeed, the allure of a high return on investment is too important to be ignored by investors. This is not about minimizing the risks of cryptocurrencies, but many investors believe they are better off with cryptos.

A growing number of crypto companies are now thinking along the same lines as IXFI: bringing traditional banking functionality to crypto. The result will be massive interest in cryptocurrencies which will cause a massive exodus from the traditional banking system in the future.

But before that, crypto companies will work on developing these features and perfecting them until they can offer investors a safe and fluid ecosystem to explore the revolutionary digital financial system. IXFI and others may be leading this future event.


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