NEW YORK, May 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Cambridge Wilkinson (“CW”) is pleased to announce the closing of a $25 million leveraged finance facility for a long-time credit fund client, arranged by our division Fund financing.

Cambridge Wilkinson

A CW credit investor closed a $25 million loan on a loan leverage facility set up through our network of fundraising leverage providers. This facility allows our client to improve returns and use leverage to further develop their platform. A pool of specific loans has been cut from the main fund in an SPV to support this facility.

“We continue to see significant demand from our Private Credit and Private Equity Fund clients for all types of leveraged solutions, including leveraged SPV as is the case with this client, as well as financings non-dilutive GPs and highly aggressive net asset value facilities Our private fund clients who invest directly in our direct deal flow recognize the flexibility and personalized approach we take when raising leverage facilities for them; each facility being bespoke and built from the ground up to meet the specific needs of each specific fund,” said Rob Bolandian, Partner and Global Head of Investment Banking at Cambridge Wilkinson.

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Cambridge Wilkinson is a leading global investment bank with the speed, connections and confidence to transact. With a focus on mid-market companies, we arrange fundraising and equity capital raising from $25 million for $5 billion and advising on mergers and acquisitions. In addition, we also provide flexible and scalable leverage facilities and credit facilities for private equity funds and alternative credit funds that range from $25 million for $2 billion. We bring deep experience of working with specialist financial institutions, real estate entities, funds as well as companies spanning a variety of other sectors. We offer unique access to a vast network of capital sources, including large family offices, credit funds, banks, non-bank credit groups, insurance companies, private capital, sovereigns and funds endowment.

All securities transfers are made through Avalon Securities, Ltd., a member of FINRA and an SEC-registered broker-dealer.

Rob Bolandian, Partner and Global Head of Investment Banking

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