The President/Chairman of the Board of the Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria (CIBN), Dr. Ken Okpara, FCIB, said the Institute will partner with the Association of Corporate Affairs Managers of Banks (ACAMB) to project and protect further the image of the banking sector in Nigeria.

The CIBN boss explained that the partnership has become necessary to reposition and further sanitize the banking sector as well as to protect it from fraudsters who tarnish the names of depository banks (DMBs) in the country.

Okpara, who took over the leadership of CIBN on May 21, said so on Wednesday when he hosted the executive committee of the Association of Corporate Affairs Managers of Banks (ACAMB) who returned to him and the board. of the CIBN and the General Management, a courtesy visit to Bankers’ House, Victoria Island, Lagos.

In his welcome speech to visiting ACAMB excos, Okpara acknowledged the symbolic relationship between the two professional bodies while calling for synergy between the duo to further reposition the banking sector for greater impact.

According to him, it is high time for bankers to tell the story of the evolution of the industry by showing its progress and redirecting the public on how to avoid fraudulent pitfalls in their daily banking transactions.

The CIBN President said that to achieve this, the institute will partner with ACAMB to explore running a specialist radio program that will provide verified information and enlighten members of the public.

He further stated that the proposed radio program would belong to all banks, thus using it as a voice for the continued projection of their interests.

“The need to highlight the positive developments and the image of the banking sector and the reorientation of the public on this subject, is now paramount. We will have a forum to talk and fix issues as they unfold through various avenues including radio programs. With this we will be able to provide information, clarification, industry happenings, financial inclusion, financial literacy, cybercrime, fraud, etc. to the general public,” Okpara noted.

He revealed that in the long term, the institute will consider establishing a bankers’ radio station for the benefit of the banking public.
“In the future, we would explore the possibility of launching a bankers’ radio through the CIBN. This will provide continuous public lighting, a banker-client forum/platform, client protection, consumer advocacy, etc. he said.

Commending ACAMB as a worthy partner over the years, Okpara said the association has lived up to his expectations of positively projecting the banking sector despite the challenges.

He particularly appreciated ACAMB for the strong visibility support it provided at the last Banking & Finance Annual Conference and asks for more for all the initiatives that his administration will undertake. He also revealed that the institute will be partnering with ACAMB to organize CIBN-ACAMB’s regular media engagement.

According to him, the pledge will help cover issues ranging from bank charges, malfeasance, huge profits and other issues of concern to the banking public.

“ACAMB has been tremendous with projecting the banking industry nationally, and for this reason, we will be partnering with ACAMB to institute and organize a regular CIBN-ACAMB media engagement.

“Engagement of the media will help to cover all discussions on bank charges, malfeasance, components of bank turnover, contributions and other issues of concern to the people,” the CIBN boss explained.

While urging all banks on the need to continue working together and solving problems as a team, Okpara said, “There should be no demarketing because what affects one, affects all.”

He implored ACAMB to continue to support the Institute as well as the banking sector in general.

Responding on behalf of the excos, ACAMB President, Mr. Rasheed Bolarinwa, affirmed the association’s strong commitment to the advancement of the institute and the banking industry as a whole.

He also informed the President of the CIBN of the upcoming signing of the ACAMB, the 1st national conference of stakeholders between the banking sector and the organized private sector (OPS) scheduled for August 3.

According to him, the conference aims to develop synergy between the two critical sectors to rebound the national economy.

Bolarinwa also thanked the head of CIBN for the institute’s support to ACAMB over the years and in particular for agreeing to be a guest speaker at the upcoming PAHO conference.