NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Dinosaur Group Holdings LLC (“Dinosaur”), parent company of Dinosaur Financial Group, LLC, a US-based institutional brokerage firm regulated by FINRA, and Dinosaur Merchant Bank Limited, a US-based international investment bank United Kingdom, announced the creation of its Independent External Financial Crime Compliance Advisory Council (the “FCC ADVISORY BOARD”) comprised of international FCC experts. Recognizing the risks to financial institutions posed by money launderers, bribery and corruption and attempts to evade economic sanctions, Dinosaur formed the FCC ADVISORY BOARD to improve understanding of the risk business and its ability to combat the evolution of financial crimes.

“The disposals of Russian oligarchs’ assets and the resulting potential for money laundering reinforce the importance of our vigilance in the fight against financial crimes”, commented Paul Becker, member of the board of directors and managing director of Dinosaur Merchant Bank.

“In an increasingly complex world, Dinosaur is proud to deploy the decades of experience and expert advice of our new FCC Advisory Board for the benefit of our customers, counterparties and regulators,” said Glenn Grossman, Chairman- CEO of Dinosaur.


JOSEPH BAUMAN – expert witness, experienced risk manager and strategic advisor for several financial institutions, including Chemical Bank, Citibank and Bank of America. A former chief administrative officer of a major structured investment adviser, he developed risk monitoring systems for what was then the market’s largest credit derivatives firm. Joe is also a past president and board member of ISDA.

BARRY KOCH- renowned for providing expert witness and advisory services related to domestic and international money laundering and terrorist financing cases. Former Chief Compliance Officer and Global Head of Anti-Money Laundering Compliance for Global Financial Institutions and former Assistant District Attorney for New York County, he is also a law professor and former Commissioner of the Liechtenstein Initiative.

WILLIAM (“BILL”) TUPMAN – renowned academic specializing in topics related to policing and terrorism. Honorary Senior Fellow at the Center for European Governance at the University of Exeter and expert on transnational crime, terrorism and the process of creating a supranational policing response to these phenomena. A specialist in Russia, Bill’s work has focused on relations between Eastern Europe and Western Europe. He has been an advisor, lecturer and tutor for police and military courses since 1971.

DAN BET – former director of the New York High Intensity Financial Crimes Area (“HIFCA”), the first US regional financial unit responsible for developing and supporting money laundering and terrorist financing investigations. A senior FCC compliance officer at several global financial institutions and global FCC consulting firms, he has developed and implemented FCC controls for some of the world’s most sophisticated financial institutions.

ART MIDDLEMISS (Advisor to the Board) – As an expert witnessing anti-money laundering compliance, Art provides strategic advice to entities seeking to mitigate FCC-related risks for entities around the world. Art served as director of the global anti-corruption program and held senior anti-money laundering related positions at a global financial institution. As a white-collar crime prosecutor, he led the New York County District Attorney’s International Financial Crimes Office, where he handled international money laundering, corruption, sanctions and securities fraud cases. movables.

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Founded in 2001, Dinosaur Group Holdings LLC (“Dinosaur”) is the parent company of Dinosaur Financial Group, LLC, a US-based FINRA-regulated institutional brokerage firm, Dinosaur Merchant Bank Limited, an international investment firm based in the UK and regulated by the FCA, and US-registered investment firm with the SEC DCM Advisors, LLC. Serving clients across six continents, Dinosaur’s global team of approximately 150 professionals prides itself on stable management, strict compliance, strong operations and diverse talent.