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Equity takes the lead in digital banking transformation

Today’s consumers have become more connected and digitally savvy. This has led to their desire to have more control over when and how they want to transact and access banking services. This transformation has seen the banking industry increase its investment in technologies that provide customers with reliable and more secure digital banking solutions.

Equity continued its digital transformation, with 99% of all client transactions now taking place outside the branch network, as reported when publishing its half-year financial results. The bank continues to help its customers conveniently and securely access banking services while improving its digital channels and providing more digital banking options to choose from.

Equity Mobile App and Online Equity

For example, the bank has started the process of migrating its customers from the EazzyBanking and EazzyNet app to the new Equity Mobile App and Equity Online platforms respectively. The highly scalable, versatile and efficient application provides financial, savings and borrowing services.

These platforms provide customers with complete visibility into their account details, statements, and more, while providing them with a superior experience, enhanced security, and features that ensure they are safe while transacting.

Customers can also easily send money locally and internationally, transfer funds, borrow loans up to 3 million shillings, print statements among many other services on these platforms from the comfort of their mobile phones, laptops , desktop computers, etc. at home, in the office or anywhere else. In addition, they can link their Paypal account and access Western Union services.

Customers who wish to access services through the app can download the Equity mobile app from Play Store: for Android or App Store users: for IOS users. Those wishing to access the services via the web can register on the Bank’s Equity Online online banking platform:

Other alternative digital banking channels

Equity’s upgraded USSD service (*247#) provides customers with a unified service offering across mobile networks and an enhanced customer experience with simpler customer journeys.

Customers can simply dial *247# from any mobile network in Kenya (Safaricom, Airtel, Telkom and Equitel) and on any mobile device, regardless of phone type, feature (Kabambe) or device. smartphone, to access banking services. The platform also offers access to instant loans ranging from 100 to 3 million shillings. Just dial *247# and follow the simple steps.

Equity’s new Virtual Assistant (EVA) is the latest channel inspired by Equity’s investment in artificial intelligence. It creates a new and improved experience for customers who can now access banking services without leaving their favorite social messaging apps.

EVA can be reached via WhatsApp by registering the number 0763 000 000 and simply chatting with EVA, Facebook Messenger (@EquityEva) or Telegram (@Equitychatbot).

Equity recognizes that the increased adoption of off-branch transactions while providing convenience also comes with its own set of challenges. Fraudsters have also evolved and now use advanced technologies and social engineering techniques to defraud targeted institutions and customers.

Common fraud schemes affecting customers include account takeovers, where a fraudster gains access to a customer’s bank account and makes fraudulent transfers.

Equity clients are encouraged and advised to be vigilant and never share their personal data with anyone. Equity will only call customers from 0763 000 000. Ignore anyone calling from another number claiming to be from Equity.

Always remember that your PIN is your secret and Equity staff will never call you asking for your PIN. Customers are also encouraged to forward SMS messages and suspicious numbers to 333.