The new wealth management company, set up by former rivals, whose members previously managed $6 billion in client assets, will deliver an enhanced private banking experience, delivered by teams of highly experienced specialists.

TAMPA, Florida., August 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Top private bankers from Wells Fargo and Bank of America today announced that they have joined forces to launch Fidelis Capital, an advisor-owned wealth management firm that seeks to provide a superior private banking by surrounding clients with a diverse team of financial specialists who know each client personally in order to best meet their financial needs.

The launch of Fidelis Capital brings together top teams from rival financial institutions that have come together to serve as a wealth management company. Together, the team brings over 200 years of collective experience in private banking and the financial industry.

With teams based in both Tampa, Florida and Dallas, Texas, Fidelis Capital targets a selection of very wealthy clients. Fidelis teams will provide a tailored suite of services to each client, providing access to experts in areas such as specialist investment and asset management, business transition advisory services, wealth planning, estate and tax management, personal risk management, bill payment and reporting, and fiduciary loan services, among others. Fidelis Capital’s highly experienced team of advisors has provided sound advice and guidance on nearly $6 billion in clients’ holdings with their former employers.

“Over the past few years, the private banking model has changed dramatically,” said Neale EllisCFA, CPWA®, founding partner of Fidelis Capital and co-chief investment officer. “With the launch of Fidelis Capital, we are on a mission to restore access to a team of experts and give families, institutions and other ultra-high net worth private banking clients the type of team that can manage not some , but all their financial matters, giving back to them what money can’t buy – time!”

The Fidelis Capital advisory team Tampa office is headed by Matthew MichauxCFA, PCP®25-year financial services professional and one of Wells Fargo’s top portfolio managers and seasoned partner Paul Ayottewho has over 24 years of experience, including the last 18 years at Wells Fargo Private Bank as a Wealth Management Advisor.

“Collectively, we have 200 years of experience in private banking and understand that the best way to serve clients is to invest in the specialists who surround these clients with the expertise they need and ensure that they have access to the latest technology, the best investment solutions and other essential tools out there,” added the founding partner and co-chief investment officer. Matthew MichauxCFA, PCP®. “We are committed to partnering with the best specialists in the industry who can help us provide solutions that help our clients in all aspects of their financial affairs.”

Professionals operating outside the dallas office includes a highly recognized asset management team, including the co-Chief Investment Officer Neale EllisCFA, CPWA® and president Matthew EllisCPWA®both founding partners, and Relationship Manager Libby CastleCFA, PCP®.

Before the creation of Fidelis Capital, Neale Ellis was Managing Director and Senior Portfolio Manager at Bank of America Private Bank (formerly US Trust) where he helped build and co-manage the Private Bank Managed Active Core portfolio for 9 years. He began his financial career at Goldman Sachs and McKinnon and Company after serving 12 years as a surface warfare officer in the US Navy. Matthew Ellis, with 24 years of experience in the financial industry, was until recently Managing Director of Wells Fargo Private Bank. His experience also includes time at Goldman Sachs, Smith Barney, Bank of America/US Trust after beginning his career as a Naval Flight Officer in the US Navy.

Chief executive officer, Rick Simonettispent 22 years as Senior Managing Director of the Southern Region, as well as National Head of Wealth Planning at Wells Fargo Private Wealth Management, which won the award for Best Family Wealth Advisor in 2021 Family Wealth Report Awards and Named Best Private Bank in the United States for Estate Planning by Professional wealth management and The banker Private Banking Awards 2020. He started his career and spent 11 years at Deloitte as a senior tax specialist.

“We have cultivated top talent from major banks such as Goldman Sachs, Citibank, Wells Fargo and Bank of America,” said the founding partner, client advisor. Paul Ayotte. “With Fidelis Capital, we have introduced the personalized service of private banking in the independent field. I look forward to working with our teams here at Tampa and in dallas to offer a differentiated approach to ultra-high net worth clients, institutions and family offices.”

About Fidelis Capital

Fidelis Capital is a wealth management company that offers a true private banking experience. Founded by former Wells Fargo and Bank of America private bankers, Fidelis Capital is the leading wealth management firm launched by executives of competing institutions. With main offices in both Tampa, Floridaand Dallas, Texas, Fidelis Capital serves less than 200 families. For more information, visit

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