BABY Brody Dean van der Schyff, born March 15, 2021, was admitted to Kingsway Hospital with neonatal sepsis and jaundice, four days after he was born.

After three unsuccessful lumbar punctures, doctors managed to test the spinal canal fluid and the result came back positive for meningitis.

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After spending most of his life in the hospital with continuous tests, scans, treatments and bacterial infections, baby Brody was diagnosed with coloboma, heart defects, choanal atresia, retarded growth abnormalities, genital abnormalities and Ear Abnormalities Syndrome (CHARGE), later a CT scan revealed he had horseshoe kidneys among his other pre-existing medical conditions.

Horseshoe kidney occurs in about one in 500 children. It occurs during fetal development when the kidneys return to their normal position (near the middle of the back, just below the ribs, on either side of the spine).

With the horseshoe kidney, as the kidneys of the fetus rise from the pelvic region, they attach (“fuse”) together at the lower end or base, much closer to the front of the body than normal.

“The #brodychallenge is a BackaBuddy campaign to raise funds for his visits to his kidney specialist as our medical aid does not cover him.

We need R2,000 for the 9th of March to attend the consultations at the two different hospitals in Durban to see the nephrologists and the pediatric surgeon to try to find a way for him to go on as we cannot continue as that, we spent every two weeks in the hospital for the last two months again and it is exhausting mentally, physically and financially.

We just want Brody to be out of pain and start achieving his goals at home,” said his mother, Samantha van der Schyff.

The campaign is asking people to donate R50 towards future visits to baby specialist Brody and challenge five other friends to do the same.

“Brody’s future treatment plans for his kidneys are yet to be discussed during appointments. Once we know the cost of the tests and the drugs, we will start fundraising for that,” Samantha said.

She also said she was grateful for all the community support and contributions to fundraising efforts.

For more information, visit their Facebook (Brody in Charge) or bank details: S.Venter, Capitec Bank, account number: 1637374427, branch code: 470010, reference: BBkidney


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