IXFI announced the official launch of a new crypto trading platform on December 1. The web version is currently available worldwide and will give users access to trading for 500 coins and over 1000 pairs. The product provides a complete alternative to banks, ensuring fast and secure transactions and access to crypto loans and card solutions for a pleasant trading experience.

Cristian Andrei, Founder and CEO of IXFI, said:

“My vision is to create a safe and user-friendly ecosystem that will make trading easier even for people with less experience. IXFI aims to give people greater choice, greater independence, and the opportunity to participate in the cryptocurrency and investment movement. Our goal is to encourage people to think big and open their minds to trading by creating features we’ve all been waiting for.

The biggest crypto exchanges are still too complex, with both new and experienced traders facing product issues, high trading fees, lack of liquidity, and adequate customer support. IXFI is here to solve these problems with its Next Generation Solution, a cutting edge and highly sophisticated crypto exchange designed to ensure a seamless user experience with fast transactions, high liquidity, high quality security and no hidden fees.

Built by investors, for investors

IXFI’s platform is a centralized financial crypto exchange, designed with the goal of becoming an all-in-one alternative to banking for users around the world. The IXFI wallet currently supports 500 coins, giving users significant flexibility and even an option for automated trading thanks to the precise reports and data the company provides in real time. Traders can choose between spot trading and exchange, and this first version allows them to buy crypto with a credit card using an extremely secure and compliant approach with 24/7 support from the team.

Features under development

The platform is in continuous development and a mobile version will be available for testing in February 2022. The new version will be enhanced and will include features that investors and traders around the world have been waiting for some time. IXFI’s roadmap is bold and consists of milestones for the next two years, with some of the new features already under development.

Play environment

The company takes a different approach to trading. Investors understand that some traders are reluctant to get into the pool because they don’t want to lose money. For this reason, the platform offers a safe playing field where one can practice trading. The practice area will be a replica of the main IXFI exchange, where trades can be simulated and rewards earned for them. Users can invite peers who are interested in trading but are afraid to start.

Crypto loans

Loans are a typical product of any banking or financial institution, but are new to crypto exchanges. Thanks to IXFI, users will be able to borrow against their current assets. Their assets will serve as collateral, and even if they will be held during the loan period, they will be able to continue to earn interest depending on the borrower’s activities. There is a wide range of cryptocurrencies on the platform and users can access the borrowed crypto immediately.

Win a program

The IXFI Earnings Program gives users the opportunity to wager their crypto balance and increase their income. They will benefit from competitive annualized rates of return on their cryptos, including stablecoins. The platform will use the centralized funding model where money earns compound interest. To bet, a user will need to open an individual interest account or participate in the investment pool.

Card solutions

IXFI cards will allow merchants and businesses from different fields to receive crypto payments. The map will be available to other users, depending on their region and local regulations.

No wallet address required

One of the main challenges crypto enthusiasts face is the extended characters on their addresses. The IXFI platform allows the user to send or receive funds without having to master their crypto wallet addresses. This will only work if both parties are registered on the platform. Users need the recipient’s email or phone number to find them on the network and connect if they want to complete a transaction. The quick funds feature works for fiat currencies as well as crypto.

NFT Barter Exchange Program

The platform is working on a future non-fungible token (NFT) exchange option that allows users to exchange their NFTs for different NFTs. This is a unique and revolutionary feature compared to other exchanges.

The platform is constantly improving and additional features are under development, awaiting implementation in the near future. Additionally, IXFI aims to help newbies enter the world of investing and plans to launch the IXFI Academy, an educational program that will teach and empower those who wish to learn, understand, and act like an investor.

About IXFI

IXFI is a crypto trading platform that aims to provide a complete alternative to banks. Initiated by a Romanian, Swiss and Indian team of experienced and dedicated entrepreneurs keen to empower new entrants to the market, the exchange platform will ensure fast transactions, access to crypto loans and card solutions for a Satisfying trading experience, fully secure and with no hidden fees. Through IXFI, users can wager, trade, get loans, access card solutions, practice trading skills, and participate in NFT barter trade.

For more information, visit the official website at www.ixfi.com.

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