Renowned Commerce Online Banking Platform – Metaprise, which offers a secure and easy-to-use payment method for business owners to make and receive payments from customers around the world, is about to launch. announce new payment link feature

Metaprise, a reputable and very popular business online banking in the United States today announced a new Pay Link feature designed to make the online payment process easier, faster and more secure for business owners and their customers.

Metagrip is a next-generation digital banking platform that provides business owners with a secure and easy-to-use banking platform to pay and receive payments from customers around the world. Metaprise offers companies several payment options that meet the needs of their customers. Whether it’s ACH, SWIFT, crypto, credit card, money order, or checks, customers can choose from the myriad of payment options that suit them best. However, Crypto is only available in select states due to local laws and regulations.

New payment link The functionality introduced by Metaprise is designed to provide the best experience and convenience when making online payments. The easy-to-use yet powerful Pay Link feature is simply an emailed link that a customer can click to make payments online.

To use the Pay Link feature, all you have to do is generate an online invoice for a customer, fill in the billing information, and then hit the send button. In a few minutes and a simple click, the payment request will be on its way. It’s so convenient and fast digital payment experience for business customers.

Asked about the purpose of the platform, CEO W. Richards says, “We consider it important to create an alternative, off-the-shelf electronic payment tool that can be easily integrated into existing business processes. . Whether you are a retailer, business or organization and need a new payment provider, Metaprise can help. Metaprise provides a variety of tools allowing you to manage your finances and payments, generate invoices and pay your bills from one easy to use platform. We strive to make your life easier so you can focus on what matters most.

Metaprise is the most trusted online solution for businesses to not only send funds and receive payments instantly, but also track and maintain records of all transactions with all vendors and customers. It generates and tracks invoices and pays invoices from a single platform. Metaprise is dedicated to improving and simplifying the financial management service for business owners so they can focus on their business.

Anyone interested in simplifying payment methods in their business can simply contact Metaprise to enjoy great benefits.

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