Nasfund’s investments in Honiara, Solomon Islands were unaffected in the riots last week.

Nasfund CEO Ian Tarutia said the fund has closely followed unrest and events in Solomon Islands since its inception, as Nasfund has investments in Honiara – a 60% majority shareholder in the Heritage Hotel and a commercial building. adjoining.

He said the total value of the investment is just under K80 million with partners Lamana Development and Solomon Islands National Provident Fund.

“We are informed by our partners at the Solomon Islands National Provident Fund (SINPF) that our investments are secure at this time given its location in central Honiara and its proximity to other highly secured properties.

“With the arrival of security contingents from PNG and Australia, to assist local police, this has provided comfort and reassurance to the citizens and residents of Honiara.

We hope for a peaceful settlement between all parties soon and a return to normalcy and order, ”he said.

Meanwhile, BSP Financial Group Managing Director Robin Fleming provided an update on the bank’s operations in Solomon Islands, said three BSP branches in Honiara opened on Monday after closing last week. .

Mr Fleming said that three branches are BSP Honiara Central, BSP Point Cruz and BSP Heritage Park, including the shopping center and head office of BSP First and Solomon Islands.

BSP branches in Honiara are open from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

“Unfortunately, our BSP Ranadi branch is no longer in service. Our BSP Ranadi branch customers can call either Heritage Park branch or Honiara Central branch for all banking services.

He said BSP branches in Auki, Gizo, Noro and Munda have remained open and will continue their normal operations.

“BSP wants to encourage our customers to use BSP agents at our various locations for banking operations or our ATMs for cash withdrawal purposes.

“Make more use of cards on EFTPOS for payments, as well as mobile banking and Internet banking for transfers.

BSP further encourages all of our customers to sign up for mobile banking services to top up their mobile credits or cash, ”said Fleming.

He added that the bank is in the process of reaching out to clients whose businesses have been affected by the civil unrest in Honiara to discuss how BSP can support their businesses.