Zimpler offers a B2B payment solution, enabling instant payments and instant payments. The brand opens the door to innovation for internal processes and improves the cash flow of the selling company while providing the buying company with a better shopping experience.

Stockholm, Sweden, December 23, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) –

The past two years have forced innovation into new areas of daily life as increased digitization has dominated the pandemic. Businesses and the way they operate are no exception to this rule. To meet the growing need to digitize fast and easy payments, financial technology company Zimpler has developed an all-new B2B payment product to deliver open banking and instant payments to businesses as well as consumers.

Johan Friis, Head of New Solutions and Co-Founder of Zimpler, comments on the potential impact of B2B transactions on businesses today: “We have seen a big gap in the market, a huge demand for this type of service. We can’t talk about open banking and the speed and innovation it offers and we still spend so much time manually managing things like invoices. With B2B payments, we combine unlimited invoices and transaction processing with the ease of use of a card. All you need are your company’s bank account login details.

The need for innovation in commercial transactions has fueled the development of Zimpler’s B2B payment solution. The development of this new service was carried out in close collaboration with Briqpay. Björn Widerström, Commercial Director of Briqpay, explains: “Briqpay provides any payment method in a seamless payment experience. We are seeing interest from our customers in the digital instant bank transfer space, where Zimpler has become the natural fit for us. Briqpay and Zimpler share a vision to help businesses increase digital sales with easy payments.

B2B payments simplify the tedious procedures of traditional methods, replacing invoices, credit cards and checks with instant transactions. Payments are directly linked to the company’s bank account. The seller can initiate real-time purchases anytime, anywhere. And buyers receive their orders instantly, without having to think about it.

Johan Friis explains: “As Zimpler now enters this space, by offering a B2B payment solution, allowing instant payments and instant payments, it opens the door to innovation for internal processes. This will improve the cash flow of the selling business while providing the buying business with a much better shopping experience. “

Zimpler is a fast growing fintech company with a strong and innovative team working on their shared vision of a world with more accessible payment methods. The idea of ​​B2B payments has undoubtedly been a positive change for the payment complications that businesses face every day. The execution and implementation rate of the company’s initiative has also reached commendable heights, with an international presence in countries such as Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, Estonia and the United Kingdom. Finland.

Website: https://www.zimpler.com/

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