The Qatar Stock Exchange, which opened the week on a stronger note to cross 11,500 levels during the day, however, was unable to maintain the bullish momentum as it finally closed 22 points lower.
Despite the bullish grip of domestic funds, the Qatar 20-stock index fell 0.19% to 11,462.96 points, after peaking at 11,567 points.
Bank and real estate outlets recorded above-average net sales on the stock exchange, with cumulative gains to date of 9.81%.
Nonetheless, more than 52% of the traded components extended their gains to investors in the market, whose capitalization eroded by over QR 1 billion or 0.17% to QR 660.12 billion, mostly in segments. microcaps.
The Islamic index declined more slowly than other stock market indices, where the industrial and banking sectors together made up about 49% of the total trading volume.
Overall revenue and volumes were down in the core market, where foreign funds were seen as net profit takers.
Arab and foreign retail investors have become net buyers in the market, which has seen a total of 40,278 exchange-traded funds (QATR sponsored by Masraf Al Rayan and QETF sponsored by Bank of Doha) valued at QR 411,575 on five transactions.
The total return index fell 0.19% to 22,691.62 points, the Islamic Al Rayan (price) index fell 0.01% to 2,603.55 points and the All Share index fell 0.16 % to 3,614.72 points in the market, which saw no trading in sovereign bonds and treasury bills.
The index of the banking and financial services sector fell by 0.48%, real estate (0.22%) and industry (0.02%); while telecoms gain 0.83%, transport (0.81%), insurance (0.61%) and consumer goods and services (0.15%).
The main losers in the main market were Qatar Industrial Manufacturing, Doha Insurance, Qatari Investors Group, Al Khaleej Takaful, QNB, Qatar Islamic Bank and Barwa. In the venture capital market, it was Mekdam Holding.
Nonetheless, more than 52% of the traded components increased their earnings, with the main players being Qatar General Insurance and Reinsurance, Vodafone Qatar, al khaliji, Alijarah Holding, Qatar First Bank, Medicare Group, Mazaya Qatar, Milaha and Nakilat.
Foreign funds became net sellers of QR 13.65 million against net buyers of QR 120.53 million on September 30.
Gulf institutions were net sellers of QR 3.28 million against net buyers of QR 4.43 million on the previous trading day.
However, domestic funds converted to net buyers to the tune of QR 11.77 million against net sellers of QR 71.73 million last Thursday.
Arab individuals were net buyers of QR 6.37 million against net profit takers of QR 1.07 million on September 30.
Foreign individuals became net buyers of QRF 3.85 million against net sellers of QR 1.44 million on the previous trading day.
Net sales of local retail investors fell significantly to QR 4.08 million from QR 48.75 million last Thursday.
The reservation of net profits for Gulf individuals weakened significantly to QR 0.97 million from QR 1.97 million on September 30.
Arab funds had no major net exposure for the ninth consecutive session.
The total volume of trading in the main market fell 16% to 130.76 million shares, the value by 47% to QR 324.46 million and transactions by 57% to 5,667. The capital market- risk had recorded respectively 62%, 11% and 4% in volume, value and transactions.
In the main market, the transport sector’s trade volume fell by 63% to 6.09 million shares, the value by 63% to QR24.77 million, and transactions by 51% to 466.
There was a 53% drop in insurance trade volume to 2.73 million shares, 52% in value to QR7.53 million, and 69% trades to 100.
The trading volume of the banking and financial services sector fell 45% to 22.61 million shares, the value 73% to 69.95 million QR, and transactions 68% to 1,458.
The consumer goods and services sector experienced a 28% contraction in trade volume to 15.06 million shares, 2% in value to QR 51.57 million and 59% in transactions to 610.
The industrial sector’s trade volume decreased by 15% to 41.14 million shares, the value by 30% to QR 102.71 million and transactions by 50% to 1,705.
However, the telecom sector’s trade volume more than doubled to 22.01 million shares, while the value fell 4% to QR 42.24 million and trades 60% to 682.
The market saw a 78% increase in real estate transaction volume to 21.12 million shares and 13% in value to QR 25.69 million but a 20% contraction in transactions to 646.