August is coming to an end and cooler days could arrive, however, it “never stops the wheels from turning” at the digital bank Revolution.

As usual, they’ve strived to provide customers with the “best possible experience,” and they’re having “real fireworks” for customers, the bank wrote in a blog post. From easier or more intuitive navigation through apps to a new payday advance product, there has to be “something that catches your eye,” the Revolut team writes.

With the new features launched, customers will benefit from full visibility into transfer pricing.

As Revolut noted, you can stay on top of how much it will cost to send funds overseas with Fintech’s new pricing widget. You will know “exactly what to expect from international transfers, whatever currency you send,” notes the Revolut team while adding that there will be “no more confusion or uncertainty regarding charges when you send money to your loved ones. those around the world.

You can also eat in London “to get up to 30% cashback”.

As mentioned in the Revolut blog post, the restrictions have now been lifted, it’s summertime, so it’s time to “have some fun again”. You can go out “to rediscover great London restaurants and be rewarded with instant cashback” and with Revolut you can choose to split the bill “easily with friends”.

Additionally, you can access Revolut from your iPad. If you prefer to browse from your iPad, you can “fully access your Revolut app through your iPad and manage your finances using an even larger screen”.

You can also enjoy the luxury of a Metal Lavender card and “bring beauty with you wherever you go”. Packed with the security features you would expect from your Metal card, not only is our new Lavender card beautiful to look at, it’s a color you won’t find on any other card (to our knowledge), ”the Fintech Company added.

Now you can also get paid via Apple and Google Pay. As Revolut noted, you can make payment requests from friends and family “more convenient than ever.” When requesting, “just tap the Apple or Google Pay icon and send a link,” the Revolut team explained while noting that you could “save your loved ones time and hassle when performing a transfer using this method “.

There are also options to pin apps and customize your home screen. You can start exploring the new Hub, “pinning apps to your home screen and moving them around so your browsing is convenient for you,” the Revlout team noted.

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