Schroder British Opportunities was the only trust to receive an “Elite Radar” rating in the latest round of reviews.

Juliet Schooling Latter, research director at FundCalibre, pointed out that this was one of the few products to be launched in response to Covid-19.

“The portfolio consists of 30-50 small and medium public and private companies requiring further injections of equity, with the trust aiming to provide a total return on net asset value of 10% per annum,” she told About the trust.

Schroder British Opportunities was one of the few UK trusts to successfully reach the market, with Tellworth British Recovery & Growth and Sanford DeLand’s UK Buffetology Smaller Companies Trust being scrapped, although its £ 75million launch fell well below its £ 350million. target.

Six funds also obtained an “Elite” rating, including three that were previously classified as “Radar” funds, but which now qualify for a full rating because they have a three-year track record.

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The three previously rated “Radar” funds were FTF Martin Currie European Unconstrained, Rathbone Greenbank Global Sustainability and TM Crux UK Special Situations.

The other three funds were Allianz China A-Shares, Matthews Asia ex Japan Dividend and Rathbone UK Opportunities.

According to Schooling Latter, the Allianz A-Shares fund is managed by an “experienced and well-resourced” team, which has been operating in the Chinese A-share market for longer than most of its competitors.

“The managers target companies with sustainable growth at reasonable valuations, and we appreciate the ‘Grassroots’ research which gives the team an additional edge in the region,” she said.

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Regarding the Matthews Asia ex Japan Dividend fund, she highlighted its mix of equities showing dividend growth with more “stable and established” returns.

“While many other dividend funds have struggled in the past, this fund has shown why dividends continue to be a vital part of total investor returns. The end result is the result of the process, rather than a goal, ”she said.

Rathbone UK Opportunities Fund targets quality growth companies, with manager Alexandra Jackson looking to take advantage of cheap UK valuations. “Alexandra is a promising and promising UK fund manager and has been working on this strategy since its inception in 2014,” said Schooling Latter.

Meanwhile, the FTF Martin Currie European Unconstrained Fund was highlighted to be managed by a manager with a “strong” history of previous experience managing similar funds at BlackRock.

“Manager Zehrid Osmani, who took over the fund in 2018, takes a long-term approach and is convinced that it is important to avoid noise in the short term and to focus on a 5-10 year horizon” , explained Schooling Latter. , adding that he has “considerable experience”.

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The Rathbone Greenbank Global Sustainability fund, which also went from “Radar” to “Rating,” excludes industries such as alcohol, animal testing, fossil fuels and weapons.

“Each holding company must also have at least one positive environmental, social or governance attribute. It has comfortably passed the AlphaQuest screen in three years and gone from elite radar to elite ranking, ”said Schooling Latter.

TM Crux UK Special Situations invests in UK companies of all sizes, but with a more focus on medium and small businesses than many of its peers, according to Schooling Latter.

“He launched in September 2018, but we’ve known manager Richard Penny for a long time and think he’s a very talented stock picker. This fund got off to a great start.