28e July 2022. Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Uganda stand to benefit as dfcu Bank is launching a brand new offering aimed at giving them the ability to enjoy banking services while operating an account that meets their business needs at their convenience.

Named ‘Sukuma Business ne dfcu‘ calls on SMEs in all regions – Central, Metro, East, West and North of Uganda – to open personal and corporate current accounts and enjoy immense benefits such as no fees on deposits UGX, dedicated investment bankers, reduced fees on monthly installments and transfer fees, access to fast and easy-to-use loans (TODs) as well as 24/7 access to their business accounts via smart distributors, Quick Banking and Agent Banking.

According to Ronald Kasasa, head of corporate banking, dfcu Bank has been at the forefront of business transformation in Uganda by providing affordable and flexible financing solutions.

“Whether you are running a business in Uganda as an individual or a company, we have designed a very affordable product for the common man; offering convenient banking services while enhancing your business experience. Currently, 9 million entrepreneurs run the SME segment across Uganda; dfcu is committed to ensuring that we give them the opportunity to strive and succeed. ‘Sukuma Business do dfcu‘ is that opportunity,” he said.

According to the Uganda Investment Authority, SMEs are Uganda’s growth engine, spread across all sectors with 49% in the service sector, 33% in commerce and trade while 10% in the manufacturing industry.

They remain the main drivers for promoting innovation, wealth creation and job creation in Uganda and yet they continue to face challenges including poor access to capital.

Thanks to the ‘Sukuma Business ne dfcu‘, customers with personal or corporate checking accounts will be able to make fast payments and transfers and maintain an audit trail for quick credit facility assessments.

The dfcu The personal current account is an excellent choice for a customer whose transactions are generally of the professional type.

It is designed to help them get the most out of their money by ensuring it is readily available when they need it and is available in multiple currencies with an opening deposit of 50,000 UGX, 100 USD, 100 GBP or 100 EUR.

The dfcu The Business Current Account offers specific advantages to medium and large entities that want to grow their business while enjoying access to financial solutions that meet specific business needs.

It is available in both UGX and USD currencies and requires an opening deposit of just 100,000 UGX or 100 USD.

Both accounts have no minimum amount and no account management fees.

To open an account and participate in ‘Sukuma Business ne dfcucustomers just have to go to their dfcu bank branch or contact their account manager.