• Tijorée simplifies payments and offers teens a convenient way to develop good financial habits.
  • Tijoree’s market simulator and integrated learning platform empowers teens with financial literacy.
  • by Tijoree Pre-order phase has begun, where parents and teenagers can pre-order their 100% recycled card.

Tijorée is a product at the intersection of fintech and ed-tech that aims to empower Indian teenagers with financial awareness and literacy. Every year, millions of Indian teenagers enter the financial world unprepared and end up catching up during the early years of their adult life. Whether it’s knowing how much money to save each month, dividing between necessity and luxury, or making the most of rewards and loyalty points, there are plenty of essential financial skills for every walk of life. Currently, there is no organized way for teenagers to learn these things – they are often overlooked in the education system and can only be learned through experience. This is where Tijoree comes in.

Tijoree’s solution is a smart prepaid card which gives users insight into how to manage their money and prepare for a secure future in the real world. The card can be used in physical stores (contactless and numberless) and online via a linked digital wallet on the app. In addition to rewards and perks that provide users with great deals on their favorite brands, Tijoree users get access to a stock market simulator where they can trade/invest in virtual stocks, mutual funds, and crypto -currencies. The virtual winnings made on this simulator can then be redeemed and used to get real discounts on the prepaid card. The idea is to teach them how to invest in the financial markets in a way that is risk-free but still offers real benefits. To make it more engaging, Tijoree introduced the concept of “leagues” where you can compete against your friends on the simulator, and provided a curated set of financial learning modules.


The founding team is made up of three young university graduates – Mokssh Surve (CEO), Harsh Meswani (CSO) and Raghav Chaturvedi (CFO). They all grew up together in Mumbai and went to Dhirubhai Ambani International School. Mokssh studied chemical engineering and applied statistics at UC Berkeley, and has experience in machine learning and data-driven predictions for financial solutions, having worked for Accenture and Bayer. He is well versed in a variety of programming languages ​​including R, Python, JavaScript and Scala. Harsh is a graduate of the Jerome Fisher Program at the University of Pennsylvania in Mechanical Engineering and Finance from The Wharton School. A business analyst at McKinsey, he is skilled in consumer insights, business and product strategy, product design and financial modeling. Raghav, also a Wharton graduate in finance and a chemical engineer from the University of Pennsylvania, has extensive experience in wealth management (Alliance Bernstein), financial analysis, business development as well as accounting and legal expertise. The founders’ personal experiences with money and their college education led them to return to Mumbai and start Tijorée.

In the words of CEO Mokssh Surve, “Like many other young adults, we started investing our own savings and managing our own finances in college, and we realized we had a lot to catch up on. we learned a new concept or principle, the same thought always crossed our minds – Why weren’t we exposed to these concepts with a practical understanding in school? real world with a job and responsibilities like loans, EMIs and savings, young adults don’t have the opportunity to get their hands dirty with lesser stakes – like saving for a pair of new shoes. led to define our main problem – how to make teenagers financially smarter in an engaging and practical way?” After several iterations, they decided on what is now the idea of Tijorée.

CSO Harsh Meswani said, “We want to create something that is really useful and engaging for the customer and gives them as seamless an experience as possible. This includes a very simple user interface with minimal clicks and clutter, an interactive platform where users can compete against each other, and several other prepaid card features that make Tijoree a unique financial solution for teens. Our intention is not to treat them like children – we want them to become financially independent and responsible like an adult, and this message is reflected in all of our customer interactions. Tijoree wants to help Indian teens Unleash their financial freedom.


According to Chief Financial Officer Raghav Chaturvedi, “Our product is in line with India’s ambitious journey towards a more cashless, virtual and e-commerce driven economy. The card is completely contactless and can be locked with just one click. We encourage users to make purchases through our app on various e-commerce and online shopping platforms. We are effectively making the whole pocket money system fully digital and more convenient so that it benefits teenagers as well as their parents. For us it is important to build something special for the young people of this country and to make Tijoree useful in their everyday life.

Tijoree started Pre-order their card, and users will soon have access to the application (simulator and learning platform). So get ready to make the next generation of India smarter to spend, save, allocate and invest their money in the best possible way – experiential, engaging and secure.

Disclaimer: Content Produced by Tijoree