NASHVILLE, Tenn., February 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Valkyrie Investmentsa leading investment manager focused on digital assets, is delighted to announce that it has now surpassed $1 billion assets under management (AUM).

Valkyrie Investments is the parent company of exchange-traded funds (ETF) sponsor Valkyrie Fundand Valkyrie Digital Assets, which focuses on institutional and accredited investors. This milestone was achieved thanks to the growth of the company’s assets under management of more than 95% in the last 12 months, even as the broader markets entered a correction.

“The past year has seen growing demand for exposure to digital assets from a wide variety of investors and market participants,” the CEO said. Leah Wald. “Whether it’s individuals seeking ETFs, family offices, pensions, or endowments eagerly allocating to hedge funds and trusts, our industry has a solid foundation on which to continue growing for the remainder.” this year and beyond.

Launched in 2021, Valkyrie Funds is the only asset manager to have three Bitcoin-adjacent ETFs traded on the Nasdaq:

The Valkyrie Funds family of ETFs offers unique strategies for those looking to gain indirect exposure to Bitcoin within an ETF structure. BTF offers exposure to an actively managed basket of CME Bitcoin Futures; VBB provides exposure to publicly traded companies that hold Bitcoin in corporate treasuries or trade in the largest digital asset; WGMI provides exposure to Bitcoin miners who use green energy to power the bulk of their operations.

“The response to our ETF offerings has been overwhelming and welcome,” said Valkyrie Chief Investment Officer. Steven McClurg. “We are of course working to bring more products to market, based entirely on feedback and demand from RIAs, family offices and others, and we are excited for the year ahead.”

Also launching in 2021, Valkyrie Digital Assets oversees several innovative products offered to accredited investors, including:

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About Valkyrie Investments

Valkyrie Investments Inc. (“Valkyrie Investments”) is a leading financial services company specializing in digital assets. Based at Nashville, the Valkyrie team combines deep technical expertise in this emerging asset class with decades of experience launching investment vehicles for a wide variety of market players. The firm is led by financial industry veterans with decades of experience at companies such as Guggenheim Partners, UBS, Chicago Chamber of Commerce, Chicago Mercantile Exchange and World Bank.

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ETF shares are bought and sold at market price (not net asset value) and are not individually redeemed by the Fund. All applicable brokerage fees and commissions will reduce returns.

The Fund invests in listed companies. The Fund does not invest directly in or hold bitcoin. It is to be expected that the price of these companies will differ from the current bitcoin price. Therefore, it is to be expected that the performance of the Fund will differ from the performance of the bitcoin spot price.

The Fund is distributed by ALPS Distributors, Inc. VLK200

This is a new ETF with a limited operating history.

Bitcoin is a relatively new asset class that is subject to unique and substantial risks and historically has been subject to significant price volatility. The value of an investment in the Fund could fall significantly and without warning, including to zero. You must be prepared to lose all of your investment.

The value of the Shares will change and you could lose money investing in the Fund. The Fund may not achieve its investment objective.

Market risk

Bitcoin price has always been very volatile. The value of the Fund’s investments in companies that invest in bitcoin futures and are involved in the crypto asset ecosystem – and therefore the value of an investment in the Fund – could decline significantly and without warning, including down to zero. If you are not prepared to accept large and unexpected changes in the value of the Fund and the possibility that you will lose all of your investment in the Fund, you should not invest in the Fund.

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