Weatherbys Private Bank has appointed William Morris as Head of Investments.

Morris (pictured) will manage the private banking global tracker portfolios and oversee its panel of third-party discretionary managers.

He has over a decade of private banking experience in investment advisory and portfolio optimization roles with clients, most notably at Barclays where he served as a senior analyst for strategic asset allocations used to manage £ 13 billion of multi-asset funds and portfolios. Most recently, he worked at Oxford Risk where he was a quantitative specialist.

Morris replaces John Butters, CIO of Weatherbys Private Bank, who has left to run the family business.

Nathan Valbonesi, managing partner of Weatherbys Private Bank, said Morris would help “turbo-charge” the bank’s investment and wealth advisory service and “bring a new dimension” to its passive investment proposition used by the bank. most customers.

Morris’s appointment comes after a year of strong growth for Weatherbys Private Bank, with cash deposits up 29%. It has also launched a recruitment wave to support the expansion of its customer base, appointing more than 50 new employees in 2021.

“We operate a very conservative balance sheet, with a huge amount of cash held at the Bank of England,” said managing director Ollie Barnett. “Our goal of providing access to a knowledgeable and responsive team when needed continues to win in the market. “